You’re not getting as far as you want as fast as you want. You’re told to be patient and work hard “and good things will happen”… but it’s starting to feel like you’re stuck. Sometimes it seems like you don’t know what you don’t know.

You’re getting restless and you can’t help wondering:

  • What is the next step? And when will it come?
  • What can you do today that will have the biggest impact on moving your career forward?
  • What are the skills that would help you be a more productive and more effective leader?

I’m Karl Sprague. If you’ve asked yourself these questions, this blog is for you.

Several times in my career I felt stuck. At one point I accepted a promotion, but the work didn’t allow me to do what I do best. I stayed because I thought it would accelerate my career. I was wrong.

One time I went to work with someone else and worked hard at achieving the dream. But I realized that it was their dream. Not mine. My future was completely dependent upon someone else. I didn’t want to let them down, but what about my dreams?

Another time I became so restless that I struck out on my own, but without a real plan. With a young child and another baby on the way, I tried to be a careful entrepreneur. Yeah, that’s an oxymoron. And a mistake.

Those experiences gave me some scars and bruises. But they also gave me perspective. And wisdom.

Eventually I became very intentional about learning and leading. About taking control of my life and my career. I also began working with a group of dynamic leaders and identified the skills, disciplines and tools that made a dramatic impact on achieving rapid and lasting success as a leader.

Over the last seventeen years I’ve worked as an executive coach with Vistage, and have over 11,000 hours coaching individuals to help them become better leaders, make better decisions and produce better results.

I have completed over 1,000 behavioral assessments to assist companies and individuals to enhance self-awareness, determine appropriate job “fit,” improve communications and enhance team dynamics.

I have also taught leadership development classes to more than two hundred individuals who had been identified as “rising star” leaders within their organizations.

This blog is designed to educate and encourage ambitious leaders to get farther faster. With confidence.

I’ll be sharing advice and insights, as well as specific tools and resources to help you become more productive. More effective. More successful.

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Let’s Get Farther Faster.
– Karl