Four Strategies for Leaders When You Feel Anxious, Aggravated or Alarmed

Four Strategies to Create Your Querencia

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1. Meditate or Pray

When stressed, shut your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. We all spend too much time torqued up in a stress response / fight or flight mode. It is often due to something like traffic, that we can’t control, or due to some future outcome we’re afraid of — which might NEVER happen.

2. Train Your Mind to Go on a One-Minute Vacation

Picture a setting that you find both pleasing and peaceful. Your “happy place” sounds corny, but let’s go with it.

3. Get out of Dodge

Sometimes you need to get out of your normal location and routines. It is too easy to get sucked back into the habits and relationships that are causing your stress when you stay at home. A long weekend may not be enough enough to unplug and de-stress. You may need two weeks or a month before you gain real perspective about your priorities and can set aside emotions and others’ expectations.

4. Take a Nature Bath

A concept that is gaining popularity involves going into nature with a coach to manage your stress, recover and re-energize. Called Shinrin Yoku, translated in English as “forest bathing,” it was started in Japan in the 1980s to combat climbing health care costs related to illnesses caused by stress. Since then, it has been adopted as a preventative healthcare practice in countries around the world, including the United States. Studies have shown favorable outcomes in improved sleep quality, reduced stress levels and a heightened ability to focus.

Be a Bull For a Month — or a Minute

Used by the Author in “No BS” meetings. Pretty fierce, no?

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