How Leaders Contribute for Massive Impact

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Example #1 — Sometimes You Wear the Goofy Cowboy Hat

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  • A willingness to listen in order to understand their goals and aspirations
  • Conversations about work challenges and personal needs
  • Contribution to the values and culture.
  • Contribution to the people who work for him.

Example #2 — Sometimes the Coxswain in Your Boat is a Baseball Player

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He expanded the pie

Lou constantly looked at the footprint of customers and the portfolio of products and services offered by his team. And then he asked a lot of questions.

He built his rowing crew

On a weekly basis, Lou recognized an employee who had exemplified the company’s core values in a significant way. Invariably it was someone who went “above and beyond” in demonstrating those values. In a newsletter to all employees, he would recognize that person and tell the story about them.

He created a great farm system

Lou made it a mission to develop his direct reports. Sales training. Leadership training. Mentoring. Reading books as a team.

  • Contribution to the values and culture.
  • Contribution to the people who work for him.

This is a Club You Want to Join

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