Mortality is a Master Motivator

The Message Must Hit a Nerve

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How Does This Apply to You as a Leader?

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The Time is Right. Right Now.

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4 thoughts on “Mortality is a Master Motivator”

  1. A timely piece, Karl. Thank you. This is another reminder of living like there’s no tomorrow. God has given us one life to life. We have no time to delay to accomplish His work. “Show up for life” every day and see what comes.

    1. Terri, the concept takes on another level of urgency when we consider what God wants us to accomplish while on earth. What has he called us to do? Who has he called us to be? You’re right – we have no time to delay!

  2. Scott Campbell

    A powerful message with great citations. As a guy who has heard the “C” word a couple of times, among other life experiences, there’s not a word here I didn’t connect with. Regardless of our station in life, we should “Memento mori.” So take heed to Karl’s encouragement and “go fish”…and I don’t mean the waterborne variety.

    1. Scott, you have life experiences for a couple of lifetimes – and yet, I know you’re continuing to impact others with your writing, your work and your example. Keep pushing. You’re making a difference – and providing a great model for others to follow.

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