Why Your Relentless Pursuit is So Attractive to Others

GaryVee — The !@#$% Marketer’s Marketer

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Pat Flynn — The Crash Test Dummy

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Kathleen Cannon — The Agent of Hope and Change

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Brett Hagler- The Entrepreneur Building Shelter for the World

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Pursue it Like Your Life Depends On It

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2 thoughts on “Why Your Relentless Pursuit is So Attractive to Others”

  1. A practical, tactical, and most of all inspiring post, Karl! Exceptional and motivating. It strikes me that building a personal brand is a great motivator for getting the work done – passion/commitment/grit. You put it out there for all to see, and then you deliver. A great approach for all change-the-world leaders for sure. Thanks for your thoughts here!

    1. Robert, thanks for the encouragement. Throughout the writing of the post, you came to mind. From your CEO and advisory roles, to the current role at Findaway Adventures, your passionate pursuit has been infectious!

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