Your Leadership Priority — and the Stoics, Walt Disney and MLK All Agree!

The Heart of the Matter

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One Ring to Rule Them, One Ring to Bind Them…

Bring Your Buckets to Work

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Time to Step Up… or Step Out

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There is Something Beautiful on the Other Side

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  • Reduces time — the ability to address challenges in real time allows organizations to be much more nimble and seize opportunities. When problems are not addressed, they grow and fester, and require much more time to address.
  • Builds trust — when employees understand that you will do the right thing and take action when appropriate, it builds trust that someone with the right values and someone willing to lead during difficult times is steering the ship.
  • Teaches others how to lead courageously — one of your ongoing responsibilities is to develop other leaders in your organization. When you role model courageous leadership (and you must!), it provides a leadership model for others to follow.
  • Builds accountability — if people know that certain behaviors will not be tolerated, no matter how senior the employee — and that includes you — it reinforces a culture of accountability. You should strive for a reputation for you and your team: We do what we say we will do and deal in the currency of truth and honesty. We act with courage, consistent with our values.
  • Builds motivation and momentum- when people see courage being demonstrated, reinforced and celebrated, it motivates them to do the same. Small acts of courage by multiple people on a daily basis in an organization is powerful. It is contagious. It can create momentum that can be felt inside and outside the organization. It makes for a team that people want to play on.

Embrace the New Day…Every Day

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